Ann-venturous is a combination of my nick-name Ann and the word adventurous from the root word adventure. Adventurous because I am brave enough to share how experiences taught me to be stronger and wiser---sometimes the hard way. Basically what you can read here are the things that are inside my head and inside my heart.

Writing is one of my greatest passions. I seriously want to touch one’s heart through my writing. Impressing anyone is not the main reason why I made this blog but if at some point somebody gets impressed on how I share my experiences and ideas, then… allow me to say ‘thank you!’

Everyone is a writer. Yes, we can all write. We all have our own stories to tell… and as you read my blogs, at some point it will give you an instance access into my life. May you find good things and wisdom as I convey the things that are inside my head and inside my heart.
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“You’ll always be my best friend…” -Relient K.

If I were to give a word synonymous to Patty, I would say EVERYTHING. Obviously, the word is not as glamorous as pretty or gorgeous but everyone wants to be somebody’s everything – that’s what you are to me. (You are more than pretty and gorgeous, better than the word best… you sum up everything!)

Happy Blessed Birthday Best friend!

I wish that you could see yourself the way I see you – because when talking about my favorite story, I can’t help but to see you being part of it. I thank our good Lord for sending you, that though our parents are different… God still allowed us to have each other – forever – like sisters! (Dear God, thank you!) And I thank you for the things you’ve done for me without asking anything in return. I believe that the best thing a best friend can do is to hug you tightly – that’s what we do. We hug. We laugh. We talk. We cry. And when we cry, we cry together – no pretensions, we just let the tears fall and then we hug again!

I love you big time and when I say big time, it’s something more than a dictionary can define. I can’t even define it myself. (Hahaha, what did I just say?) Anyway, I would also like to let you know that you have no other choice but to stick with me ’cause if you don’t I’ll break your neck. (Clear? Lol) No, seriously… I’ll forever hold you, letting you know that you got me like the way I got you.

By the way, Piglet in Winnie the Pooh movie once said, “Who knows the right thing to say when I’m feeling so blue?” I guess, not even you… but then again, you always have two ears ready to listen, two arms ready to hug me every single time and two hands to hold me tightly when I’m falling into pieces. Those things are always better than saying something and yeah, what more can I say? Guess I couldn’t ask for more. Hey, I lost track. Been saying so much but still not enough to tell everyone why you’re my everything.

Well… perhaps, I’m having a hard time conveying my thoughts since this topic is something so precious to me that I find it really hard to put things into words. Sooo, again… Happy Birthday! I am truly blessed to have you. You’ll always be my best friend.

*Biggest, warmest, tightest HUGS*

Someone who loves you forever unconditionally 


Photo is from Edison Cruz’s facebook when he joined Run Untied 2.

“Running is the greatest metaphor of life, because you get out of it what you put into it.” –Oprah Winfrey.

I was browsing some quotes when all of a sudden Oprah Winfrey’s words got my attention. I failed to understand its true meaning the first time I read it but I knew it would be the best quote to use for what I have in mind – it would be perfect because my subject loves to run, but I don’t know how on earth it is related to life. Perhaps because running makes us healthy – physically and emotionally, but… is that all?

It was 3AM of Tuesday… I told myself: Later, I’ll figure things out… I need to figure things out or else I would end up giving Edison the first blog I wrote (A Happy Birthday or A Giveaway?).  But that won’t happen since obviously, I have this blog (maybe I’ll show him both). Now… let me tell you a brief story.

Looking back…

Edison Rances Cruz – Going to cinema has been our way of getting along or catching things up. On our last movie together he told me, “Pinag iisapan ko na mag gym at magpapayat” (I’m thinking of going to gym and be fit again). I don’t know if by then he was just telling me his plans or he’s waiting for my opinion. Unsure of what to say, I told him “Kaya mo yan, update mo ko ha!” (You can do it and please keep me updated).

Of course, he knew it was a hard decision – hard because one must devote his time in order to see the fruit of his labor. Results cannot be seen over night so without patience things wouldn’t be possible. There were days when he would call me because he wanted to just give up. There were instances when whining was the only option he had to lessen the burden. Over the phone he would say, “Nag oorder yung mga officemates ko ng masasarap at fatty foods samantalang ako panay vegetable salad sa KFC pero wala pa din nangyayari…” (While my officemates have been ordering delicious and fatty foods, I am stuck eating KFC’s vegetable salad yet nothing has changed [pertaining to his weight loss]). And he would ask me to cheer him up and say something to make him feel that he’s still doing things right.

And though he haven’t seen the outcome yet, he still accepted the challenge from he’s co-workers. Certain group of people had to lose weight; the person who would get the lowest weight loss would have to pay the agreed consequences. Guess what? He won. He was so motivated not because he wanted to lose weight but because he didn’t want to pay the price when they defeat him. But let me tell you what I realized,  it was never about the money he had to spend if he didn’t make it but he actually wanted to hit two things at the same time. The idea of winning and losing some pounds has boosted his competitive side. It was… well… a healthy competition.

It was a challenge he had to do alone but it was and will never be something he has to face alone. I couldn’t do all the routines for him but you can bet that just like always my ears are ready to listen to his stories – whether it’s about whining or some sort of happy things – doesn’t matter anyway.

But you know what? It’s not going to gym where he found happiness… it was through running. He started spending his time running alone. He fell in love with running with his earphone plugged in his ears. Music has been accompanying him all along. Until… he decided to join fun runs and then marathons.

Running… running… running… and then life. What makes them similar? At what point? Maybe because running has been teaching us the same lesson life has taught us – to find our own pace, to learn how to endure pain, to know our reasons… our purpose. Every single time you run, there is a point of discovery. You will discover your limitations; take for example how many miles can you finish in one run?  Five miles perhaps? Or maybe you can’t even finish 10 miles, therefore, It will allow you to accept what you can do and what you cannot. Pushing our limits will help us know our capacity. We could have been injured if we go beyond our power but if we know what we are capable of then things would be easier.

They say that life is a continuous process. I say it’s true. When we run there is always a point of interval, at the end of it there is always a finish line awaits us, to show that we’ve completed our goal but it doesn’t equate to stopping our pace.

You can choose what kind of fun runs and marathons to join… and then, begin again. If you intend to win but fail, just keep on trying. We don’t need to make things complicated. Life is complex but it doesn’t need to be complicated.


His way of enjoying his free time.

Going back, Edison once told me that running is his “ME TIME”. It is his way of processing things. Before it has always been about shedding some pounds but after discovering what running can do for him both emotionally and physically, running is no longer part of his ‘’must-to-do” things. Now, it’s part of his system… something he loves to do.

I don’t know if I am making sense, well… I hope I do. Guess I have to discover more connections between running and life. Maybe you should too! Seriously, I’m running out of words. By now, Edison must know, without a doubt that I am so proud of his accomplishments (losing 18 kilos is not easy by the way) because if not, I’m going to break his bone (laughing).

Edison is my real-life Flash (Justice League) better yet my favorite guy. Flash is capable of running faster than a speed of light. My favorite guy is capable of turning darkness into light (something flash is not capable of) because he has the power of making me smile in one hello.

In parting, let me quote something I have read somewhere, “When your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart…”

P.S: Happy 23rd Birthday Babes! Now, you are “Mr. Piggy No More” You deserve the hotness in every way possible! Well… at least for today! *to the moon and back*

Have you ever felt being caught off guard and all you could do was to stammer? Do you remember the dilemma of saying a Yes or a No? How about an awkward moment because you’re undecided whether to laugh or yell at the person? And then, after all those uncertainties, you would still end up smiling.

Wait… Did I just use the word SMILING? (Note: mood is suddenly changing) For the first time, somebody has been giving me pain in the head all because of his so called ‘short-term-memory’ and I’ve been asking him random questions and all I could get was a laugh or the most pain in the ass ‘I don’t know and nothing’ thing. I swear, I would have killed him if he were just sitting right beside me. But, on the lighter note, I was still able to squeeze information out of him. If only he knew, stalking and harassing his phone isn’t my things. But… for him… for his 23rdbirthday, I made an exception. Yes, you’ve read it right, it’s a HIS… a boy… a man… His name? —Edison Rances Cruz.

Now, let me ask you one more time; If you were to call someone from the opposite sex, who would that be? Of course, someone special right? A boyfriend? A best friend? A crush? A prospect lover? Well, that’s really up to you. Mine would be Edison; which by the way, I am still in the middle of processing why him in all people. All I know is that, with him I can be whoever I wanted to be except from well, talking past relationships since he would normally tell me, he doesn’t care at all. But yeah… there were days when he’s up for some sort of silly conversations.

To give you a back ground, he’s an only child and he lost his mother at a very young age but still managed to be a man every mother would wish to have. He’s able to maintain humility despite all circumstances. If you don’t know him, you might say he’s a shy type but the truth is, he has this childlikeness inside of him that will make you feel so comfortable. He doesn’t judge based on what others have been gossiping, he would see it himself and then make the best conclusion possible. Or would just shut up when he has nothing good to say about the matter (but like anyone of us his not perfect).

In addition, he also has another side. He’s insane, just in case you aren’t aware yet. Imagine my name on his phonebook before was ‘Friends with Benefits’ and ‘Unofficially Yours’ because he would say that, that’s what I am to him. Seriously, if somebody told me the same thing, I don’t think I would take that one lightly. I would probably get mad but that’s the thing, with Edison I’m so guaranteed he would do nothing to harm me.  I am safe as always. And while everyone calls him Dede, Ed, Son or whatever, for me—he is my Babes. I don’t know who among us started that but we fondly call each other that way. Why? Well… that’s another story to tell.

Also, he is the most disciplined person I know when it comes to achieving goals. He has his time frame and he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it. I was in awe when he started to lose weight. I remembered how he would whine about not seeing any progress on his physical appearance and would tell me he’s about to give up since he’s already starving. But… as we all can see, he lose more than 40 pounds and he really made things possible. Something to be really proud of! Not only was he able to achieve body figure, recently he was able to transfer to a new environment. He was hesitant at first but even before he has been telling me that he opts for growth. I think he is matured enough and strong enough to go out of his comfort zone and face the battlefield waiting for him. He is like that, sturdy! Always open for challenges even if he’s not sure what awaits him.

Going back to my opening question about stammering, Edison never fails to catch me off guard. Maybe, if another man would tell me about some sort of future together or just anything that has something to do with love issues I would have taken those remarks seriously. I don’t know… maybe… I am just so comfortable with him that I couldn’t determine whether he jokes or not. Or maybe the saying, “Never assume unless stated” is my thing. But I am sure that his future girlfriend would be so blessed. He’s a good catch. People should see that. I know we all do.

And since I am giving some sort of random facts here, why not give away his ideal girl. Long hair, someone who has a big heart for everyone and is attentive to what he wants and what he needs (meaning maasikaso) and can get along well with his friends are some of what he has in mind. And of course, spaghetti, chocolate cakes and chocolate ice creams are his favorites. Don’t bother about his favorite color because he can go into anything as long as you’ll go to light shades. And don’t ask him to read novels when there’s a movie available to watch. In fact, Letters to Juliet would be a great choice. And the most important thing is… he’s not cute, he’s hot! (According to him)

Did I give too much information? Oh well forgive me. I lost track… you know, I was carried away. So it’s a Happy Birthday! Today is another day… Now, let me share my open letter to Edison:


Hey man, Happy Birthday! I am so proud of what you have become. I know you hate reading but right now, you have no choice but to go on. And I think it’s easier to read than compose some sort of an open letter. When I asked you random questions, I believe you already thought that I’ll be writing things down. If this is not what you have been expecting to read, then forgive me… but… let me remind you that I am the writer and well, you are just my reader! Therefore, if you want to read what you like then you have to make your own blog. *kidding*

Seriously, like you… I don’t remember how you and I started to get along well. Maybe it’s really vital to break the wall between two people in order to give way to an open communications. That’s what we did. And I am glad we were able to go beyond what is needed to break the wall. It’s always comforting to know that I have someone like you.

And I love having you on phone because I don’t have to be with you just to laugh. As always, your pick up lines never disappoint me. And for the record, I know your parents are so proud of you. You may not know that but they are. Your Mom is just around the corner, she’s looking after you and your Papa, he’s lucky because you’re not giving him something to be worried about.

My prayers, well… I pray for your health and happiness. Whatever that happiness is, you know that you always got my back. And yeah, thank you for making awkward moments funny and for not being afraid to say what you have in mind. And… what else? For the friendship beyond politics.

So, I guess I’ll have to put a dot in here. But before I do, bear in mind that whatever your problem may be, I want you to know that everything is going to be alright. I got you! I’ll never allow anything happen to you. You see, maybe I just don’t show but I care!

Happy Birthday Babes! Praying for your heart’s desires!

P.S: Didn’t edit this one. I decided to still post this though!


Well… we all have our own definition of love, when I was younger I used to define love as “Love is to share your life with someone you love” and I was very consistent because I saw a lot of autographs back then and I gave the same line about love’s definition but today is deeper because I realized that “Love does not demand its own way…” (Corinthians 13:5)  Ours may not be perfect but it was real and because it was real I was able to embrace the line I have mentioned earlier. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.

Many times I asked God, “Lord God I am ready to break my rule. I am no longer thinking of ‘never go back to your ex’ as long as you will give him back to me but why aren’t you sending him back yet? Lord God, I have been praying for him… only him… you know the desire of my heart… what are your plans? Please, please, please let me know!” Every day I am pleading the Lord to send him back to me but then again, I realized one more time that God’s plans are always better than the one I am asking and his ways are far better than mine. I am no longer claiming him; instead I learned to pray “Lord God, you know my heart and I cannot cheat on you. I honestly don’t know what to pray because if I’ll tell you I want him no more, that’s cheating—-to me and to you. Just please, if he’s not the man for me please help me take the feelings away and allow me not to forget all the good things about him… about us…” then… the rest is history.

I only have good words for Mr. Priceless… for Victor Jonard in real life. Though I won’t give his surname, Jonard in real life is the kind of man every woman would wish to have. And I bet that whoever the woman he’s with right now, that woman is more than lucky… she is blessed… truly blessed!

And even if I let go of Jonard already, I will never say goodbye to a person who once upon a time treated me as his Princess—-became my absorber, protector, provider, best friend and partner—-my other whole…. and yes even my most painful heart break. Because according to Michelle Mckinney Hammond “You can’t hold on to what is not yours and you can’t get rid of what belongs to you.” Oh wait… I am not saying that he belongs to me neither do I say he doesn’t but the world is too small that we never can tell what’s going to happen next. All I know is that, I prefer to still say what I told him before, “See you then…” and “Until we meet again…” besides one thing is for sure, that Jonard will always be part of my world.


I will always be grateful for knowing such wonderful person like him. Everything was worth it… it was priceless! Those memories will be irreplaceable and I will always thank our good Lord for allowing me to experience His love, greatness and care through Jonard. I felt that I was being loved by God through him… as if God was telling me “Ann, I love you the Jonard’s way!” Those memories will never, never fade because those were so great that I am changed forever.

Allow me to quote this adage for everyone who’s hurting right now… “If God closes a chapter of your life, even if extremely painful, it’s because He has something better for you around the corner” and allow me also to quote Michelle Mckinney Hammond for saying, “One person’s goodbye leaves the door open to the person God has truly chosen to say hello.” Take heart… God is so great that He will help you to recover! And I hope that along the process, may you find the good things in your relationship after it has ended and may you remember the person with so much happiness—-just like the way I do towards Jonard.

This may be my last blog about him but just like as always, he will remain here inside my head and inside my heart. This is too long (took me until Part IV) because I will get a little older day by day and I don’t want to forget this chapter of my life and I want my future grand-grandchildren to know Jonard through my writings. I want them to know that when I was younger I met a man who proved me that there are still responsible, awesome men alive today. Before we part ways Jonard told me, “Lagi kang may space sa puso ko…” (You will always have space in my heart) and like what I said back to him, “Lagi ka ding may space sa puso ko…” (You too will always have space in my heart).

He’s my gift… my precious gift and in return he also gave me one of the best gifts ever—-HIS TIME and for that I will forever be grateful for spending those irreplaceable time with him, for realizing a lot of things and for making me a little bit stronger, wiser and capable of doing different things. Nothing has changed except to my state of the heart because today, “I’m not waiting for anybody, anymore! I’m going to run as fast as I can, fly as high as I can, and if you want, you can come with me! But I’m not waiting for you (anyone) anymore.” —C. Joybell C.

P.S. Until we meet again. *.*

The End.


Before we part ways I gave him a letter with a P.S. note “I love you” just in case I won’t be able to tell it to you again and when we broke up, I wondered if my memories back up on him like he backs up on me. My prayers were, “Lord help me understand what’s going on…”; “Lord God, I want him more than I can tell, could you please give him back to me?”; “Dear God, why can’t I get him out of my head and why he’s still in my heart?”; “Jesus, please hug him for me, please tell him I miss him and please… please… please don’t allow any circumstances to make me lose him!” and so on and so forth.

You see… even if I don’t get to see him I never stopped loving him. And from there, I realized that when you truly love someone, you will still wish that person the best of everything, even if that would mean not having that person around you anymore.

The truth is, I have let go of him a long time ago. I let go not because I love him no more but because I believe that God has better plans for us. I believe that things will fall to where it is truly belong. However, there are still days when I couldn’t help but wonder, all the what ifs in my head. I wonder what could have been if he’s around or would it make any difference if I am still with him.

If there’s one thing I need to be sorry about… I would say, I’m sorry for not letting you know how much I appreciate all the efforts you have done and for failing to acknowledge that you too get tired at times. I may have failed to let you know how much you mean to me when we were together but I have loved you more than I can tell—- more than so much. And if there’s one thing I am very thankful for, it would be… “Thank you for loving me more than I do!” plus thank you for always believing that I can do certain things even if I knew I can’t do it myself and thank you for embracing those sleepless nights just to catch things up with me after taping.

I cannot find the right words to convey how much I miss him but I do. I miss the way he puts his head on my shoulder and the way he hugs me whenever I am upset or too tired from taping. I miss wearing his shirts at work. I miss spraying his perfume on air and smelling it afterwards. I miss using his liquid bath soap as my hand soap (which actually has the same fragrance of his perfume). I miss playing tumble down with him and then brags who’s better between us. I miss his story telling and his attentiveness when it’s my turn to speak up. I miss everything about him… but… most especially, I miss the smile I used to wear whenever I am with Mr. Priceless!

What else? I love the way he looks at me and the way he calls me Pretty Ann. I love it when he imitates me and then plays peek-a-boo while saying “mabango, mabaho, maganda, panget, bata! ayyy matanda!” (smells good, smells bad, beautiful, ugly, young! ayyy old) as he pertains to me and himself. I love it when he asks me something and then he’d answer himself with “none of my business I guess” before I can even tell him “none of your business I guess”. I love the way he brings his black backpack and I also love his black pouch. I love the way he laughs when I told him, “You look like 26 years old!” I love to stand under the umbrella with him whenever it rains. I love that he remembers my younger brother every time he has chocolates for me. I love every pieces of him… but… most especially, I love the way he smiles back at me!

Reminiscing all of these made me reflect of Cat Stevens’ passage once again, “I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh. But I never knew looking back on the laughs would me cry.” 

To be continued…

Upcoming: Mr. PRICELESS’ Name Is… (Part Iv). Last part and my most favorite part! Will tell his name in part IV.


Looking back…

May 26, 2011 exactly two years ago, I met a man who took my breath away. I was working in one of the most popular TV stations when I met Mr. Priceless. I was under TV Production Department while he’s under Engineering Department, Technical Operation Center section to be exact.

One day, while his best friend named Jr was ingesting my ‘for-airing’ video tapes, he was there making some comments on our show and asking me for the upcoming revelations. He even dropped jokes like he’s an OJT (on-the-job-trainee) and how brainy I am for passing the exams and interviews. I knew he wasn’t an OJT, so I asked him if he could help me get out of their office because my I.D had no access into their door (his co-workers used to assists me also). So he led me all the way out and out of nowhere I asked him “Bakla ka ba?” (Are you gay?) He looked at me smiling and asked me back, “Palagay mo?” (What do you think?) I just shrugged my shoulders because I wasn’t sure besides I didn’t know what came into my head to ask him that silly thing (probably because of his hand gestures and the way he walked that day).

Until… He became my constant access to their office door. He even asked me to add him on facebook. He took photos of me and his best friend and he commented that there’s chemistry between us but he stopped after I clarified that there’s nothing special between us. After which, he would ask me questions about work related or if I have taken my dinner. In an instant, he became my dinner buddy, my text mate, my access, my alarm clock. I used to go to work very excited every day despite my 2-4 hours sleep because of him.

 I remember him telling me, “Excited na ko tuwing Patrol na kase maya-maya lang andyan ka na at makikita na kita…” (I am excited during Patrol (TV Patrol, news show) because any minute you’ll be coming and I’ll be able to see you)

He would bring me Mars (my favorite!) and Kit-kat without me asking for those chocolates. He would ask me if I want something or how my day is. Or even if I don’t ask him anything he would still buy dried mangoes and Ruffles for me when he went to grocery. He would text me “Good morning Pretty Ann” every morning and would say “Good night Pretty Ann” before he goes to bed. He would answer his phone any time of the day when I called; even he’s sleeping or playing cards with his mother and sisters. Above all he taught me that little boys should not get into relationship when he can’t even provide for himself. I felt like a Princess… he treated me like his Princess.

But… just like any other stories, things come to an end. Allow me to quote what I have said in my Mr. Priceless blog, “Sometimes breaking up does not equate out of love. At times letting go is another way of expressing one’s true love…” Two of his last few words before we part ways were, “Ikaw ang pinaka magandang nangyari sa buhay ko” (You are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me) and “Pag dumating yung time na tayo talaga, sana i-break mo yung ‘never go back to your ex’” (If the time comes that we are really meant for each other, I hope you’ll break your idea of ‘never go back to your ex’).

Two years have passed since I met him, and whenever people would ask me, “Ann do you still love Mr. Priceless?” I cannot think of anything. I would just smile… telling people, how wonderful he is.

But…if I really have to answer the question “Ann do you still love Mr. Priceless?” I still wonder… if I say YES, would it make me look weak or would it make me strong because I am brave enough to say it? Or, if I say NO, would you believe me?

To be continued…

Upcoming: Mr. PRICELESS’ Name Is… (Part III)

For so long, I have been sitting in front of the laptop while staring at the blinking cursor. I knew what to write yet I couldn’t find the right words to convey all the things that have been running through my head and how to put things into words. My heart seems to have a mind of its own. It keeps on telling me, “Go on Ann, and write it down! Go on… go ahead…”

Until… I was able to get a grip of my emotions and finally I decided to write things down. 

There’s no better way to express everything than quoting Cat Stevens for saying, “I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh. But I never knew looking back on the laughs would me cry.” Of course, each of us has our own story to tell when it comes to state of the heart. We all have our own definition of love, memories and heart break. The funny thing is, when it comes to memories I normally store all the good memories of the person I have once loved even after the break up… especially when the memories are worth keeping for.

And as Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh Movie once said that “The most important thing is, even if we’re apart, I’ll always be with you.” Yes… my thoughts have been with somebody who I fondly call Mr. Priceless in my blogs. I haven’t seen him for more than a year now but just like as always he is here, inside my head and inside my heart. To remind you, “He’s not Mr. Priceless because he’s worthless. In fact Mr. Priceless is way better than a ten thousand good looking men combined. He’s Mr. Priceless because he’s beyond compare…” an excerpt from my blog entitled Mr. Priceless which after I wrote, many people have started to ask me, “Who is Mr. Priceless?” or “What is his real name?” Some have been guessing who is he and been dropping name as well. Some are right yet many are still wrong. 

To give you a background Mr. Priceless is 9 years, 9 months and 19 days older than I. This is equivalent to 511 weeks and 3 days or 85, 920 in hours; 5, 155, 200 in minutes; or 309, 312, 000 in seconds. If you have doubt you can calculate our age difference yourself. He was born February 13, 1980 (Wednesday and it was leap year) while I was born December 2, 1989. And may I remind you that he doesn’t look like his age… he seems to be like 26 years old back when I was 21.

But… who is really Mr. Priceless?

To be continued…

Upcoming: Mr. PRICELESS’ Name Is… (Part II)


“When you suffer from heartbreak do you Rebound or Recover?” a question from my all time favorite author Michelle McKinney Hammond. This is the same question I asked myself before I decided to write my blog entitled “Mr. Priceless Name Is…” which I will post any minute from now though I am still working on it.

The good thing about writing is that it allows you to cater different kinds of people. Plus it is possible to touch their heart one way or another. It will give you the freedom to speak. Honestly, I didn’t expect that writing Mr. Priceless blog would touch and inspire a lot of people. I was just trying to put into words how wonderful that man is but it turned out that a lot of people have realized to see things on the brighter side after the relationship has ended.

I remember one time, I had a conversation with Mr. Priceless and he ordered drinks for both us in Starbucks. His name was written incorrect, we ended up sipping the cup with a “Leonard” name instead of his name ****rd. I took a photo of it just for remembrance back when we were together until something came today. I realized that his name says a lot of things like first; you have to spell his name correctly before you even know him deeper. Name creates stories therefore, knowing the person’s name is vital as he or she is your subject. The credit should go the person who owns the name not to the person who people thought he is or she is.

Before I forgot allow me to thank you for reading my Mr. Priceless blog and for giving me good feedbacks through different Social Medias as well as for sending me private messages. Thank you for recommending it to your friends too. As I Write “Mr. Priceless Name Is…” I am giving credit to the man behind the alias Mr. Priceless. I will share his real name but because I have a lot of things to say about him for one last time… I will post it part by part probably from Part I-IV. Yes, you read it write, that blog might be my last blog about him.

What more can I say? Well… After the break up may you find all the good things about the relationship and all the lessons you attain from it. Release all the pain and allow God to heal you. I am proud to say I didn’t rebound… I am able to recover… that’s one thing for sure! That is why Mr. Priceless will always be part of my world!


Upcoming blog: “Mr. Priceless Name Is…” (Part I)

Today is Grandpa’s 80th birthday. He passed away due to kidney problem and body complications about 22 years ago. All of his grandchildren address him as Tatay instead of Lolo (Father instead of Grandpa), because we mimic our parents and that is how our parents address him.

To give you a background, my older sister and I are the luckiest grandchildren because Tatay was able to hug, kiss and take good care of us. He was there when we were born and he was present during our first birthday. That is why my sister and I have photos with him.

Honestly, I don’t remember anything about Lolo because I was less than 2 years old when he died. All I know is that he is a good man. No wonder that he’s truly a good man because Nanay (mother but actually my Grandma) never thought of marrying someone else after Tatay died. She would tell us how lucky she was for having Tatay and for having nine kids with him.

I grew up going to cemetery yearly especially during his birthday, death anniversary, Nanay and Tatay’s wedding anniversary and all souls day. And you wouldn’t believe it but we love going there because Nanay would bring a lot of food while my Aunties and Uncles would buy pizza or anything we want during all souls day. But of course, we love to be there because we know that Nanay despite the long years still misses her husband. And among us, she knows Tatay inside out.

In my blog, “A Miracle Baby, A Wonderful Little Big Man” I stated there that my brother was born as we remember Tatay’s 8th years death anniversary. So even he’s no longer with us we still celebrate his life through my brother’s birthday.

Now, I just want to say “Happy Birthday Tatay and we love you so much” you are such a lucky man because your wife, kids and your grandchildren love you genuinely. We’ve heard a lot of stories about you and how wonderful you are. I just hope that you are still here because no words can define how much Nanay misses you… everyday!

We are celebrating your birthday! I am sending you big hugs across the miles Tatay! You will never be forgotten because “A Good Man Never Dies He Just Says Goodbye…” You are here, inside our head and inside our heart!

Last night my Auntie and I accompanied my Grandmother to visit her brother in hospital somewhere in Mandaluyong. Her brother had an operation because of vehicular accident. Actually, it was his second operation because the first metal that the doctor put on his shoulder had a problem. He decided to have second opinion and the doctor told him that he needs to have another operation in order to correct the bone fracture.

So Grandpa had his second operation. What bothers me is that, his children didn’t come here to take good care of him. I am a bit disappointed until today knowing that his two eldest children are both board passer with their nursing degree. Truth is, I have nothing against them. In fact, I would like to understand that they have to drive almost 10-12 hours just to be here but the fact that their father needs them and they aren’t here is a bit disappointing.

Imagine, Grandma who is 75 years old now is the person who takes care of everything! I mean, didn’t they think that people here have workloads too to think about? And if they are saying they are busy with their own schedule, didn’t they realize that people here in Manila have their own schedule too? None of his four children went home. Hello? It’s vacation time; if they really want to assist their father they could have done something about it. And there are thousands of reasons why they can’t be here as well.

Uncle (Papa’s eldest brother} was telling me that I should be the one to be there and I frankly told him, “Where are his children? He has four, right?” It’s not because I just don’t want to stay in hospital. There were a lot of instances where I took care of Grandma and Auntie when they were confined in the hospital, and it’s because they are first family so I didn’t mind. I can tell them what I need and what I want and I grew up with them. But Grandpa is different, he is Grandma’s younger brother but I am not close to him plus seriously I really got disappointed towards his kids.

Yes, I acknowledge that they took good care of their father during his first operation but should we consider that enough? I mean, he still needs you now. And like I said, people here in Manila have their own schedule too… I just hope that they are aware that their presence could have made a difference not only as helping Grandma for looking after their father but beyond everything for showing affection and moral support to their father.

Okay… enough! I am just wishing for Grandpa’s fast recovery!

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“Though men may fail you and life might disappoint, taste and see that God is good”—-got this from my all time favorite author, Michelle Mckinney Hammond.

Let me give you a little background of what happened today. Early in the morning, I got a text from my best friend stating how sad she had become upon knowing that her Uncle lost the battlefield for the Vice-Mayor position in our city. 

I got worried because the same man is my cousins’ grandfather. I went down to tell Papa what happened and he too was aware of it… Papa was also disappointed! Our barangay has been very quiet and sad since our very own man didn’t make it! He didn’t win! Another man was proclaimed as our city’s new Vice-Mayor. 

What can we do? 

The man I am talking to is not just any other man, our culture taught us that once a member of a family married someone, the entire family will take his or her family as his or her own family too. This is called acquiring new family members. That’s our tradition! And though he isn’t our family by blood, he is the father of my cousins’ mother. Therefore, he too is our family. 

Well… I have said in one my facebook status that, “I have nothing but good words for VM Iyo because he has been a very kind person to me since SK days. However, my heart is still breaking for Asilo because whatever happens he is our family! We may not understand nor agree with so many things right now but I believe that God has better plans for you. Press on. This too shall pass!” I said this because I don’t want to accuse Iyo for something I am not sure of. I said this because I am truly saddened by the news. I said this because I was torn between Iyo and Asilo at first. But now, my heart is breaking because of the result yet I am still hoping for the best.

If you were to ask me, “Ann, did you vote for Asilo or Iyo?” I am proud to say I voted for Asilo. I voted for him not only because he is my cousins’ grandfather, I voted for him because I have worked with both of them (Iyo and Asilo) and I have worked longer with Asilo. I knew how he loves our barangay and what he did for a lot of people here. 

Today… I just wish that changing of foul words will come to an end. I don’t understand why a lot of people have been posting things like they knew everything (this goes for both parties) Why can’t you just pray instead and hope for the best?

For me… no matter how cruel your words are, you cannot change the fact that Iyo has been proclaimed and no matter what they do, they cannot change the fact that Asilo has proven himself in many ways. Bashers cannot make him fall. He may not be proclaimed as our Vice Mayor but still, his legend will not be forgotten.

We may be disappointed today and a lot of what if’s and if only have been running through our head, but let us believe that God has better plans and his plans are always better than the one we are asking and his ways are far better than ours! Let us remember that our Lord is good and He knows exactly what he’s doing. Rest assured that new opportunities will come along our way! 

Election is just another chapter… the real deal is, when you know in your heart that you did your part and you did it in the most genuine ways possible then from there, you are more than just a winner.

Now, let me share to you one of the verses that will remind us that God is good and that He will help us with our loads because He is with us, "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." (Joshua 1:19)

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I only have one brother and he’s 10 years younger than I. To give you a background, my parents had to consult a doctor to help them produce a baby boy. They even used Chinese calendar to make sure that the outcome of the baby’s gender would actually be a gender of a boy. 

Frankly, I wasn’t happy when I found out that Mama was bringing my younger brother inside her womb. I even cried telling my parents, “Ako lang bunso niyo, ako lang ang baby niyo!” (I am your youngest child and I will remain your only baby!) Well… How could you ever blame a 10-year-old-kid for behaving such way when most of the people surrounding her seem to have no heart for telling her, “Ayyy… hindi ka na mapapansin ng Mama at Papa mo pag lumabas na ang kapatid mo…” (Ayyy… your parents won’t be able to give you enough attention when your brother arrives) Yes, I understand after some time that it was just a plain joke (my parents used to assure me that they love me no less) but I was just a kid… how could I ever take that kind of joke when my security was at stake? 

After some explanations and an assurance that my brother was and will never be a replacement of me but an additional member to our family, I finally learned to accept him and eventually got excited to meet and play with him.


My brother was proclaimed no heart beat inside Mama’s womb on August 3, 1999. My other sibling, my Atss Vhey (older sister Vhey) and I were at our house waiting for a good update on Mama’s safe delivery; yet what we received was a bad news. I was shocked. May Ate was shocked too. We (together with some cousins) prayed asking Lord God to please save my brother and our Mama. 

In hospital, my parents were praying too. I remember Mama’s story that after the doctor told her that the baby was not responding and has no heartbeat, she immediately talked to God to please let her have him. Mama’s prayer was, “Lord sampung taon ko siyang hinintay. Siyam na buwan ko siyang inalagaan sa aking sinapupunan. Hayaan niyo kong patuloy siyang alagaan. Ipagkaloob niyo po siya sa akin” (Lord, I have waited for this baby for ten years. I have been taking good care of him inside my womb for nine months. Please let me take care of him more. Please bless me with this baby).

After praying, Mama pleaded the doctors and staffs to please check the baby’s heartbeat once more. They didn’t want to, but Mama was so persistent. She would not let go of my baby brother. So the doctor gave it a try and in an instant my brother was responding. How great is our God for hearing our prayers!

It didn’t end that way…

Papa had to choose between Mama and the baby. He had to choose who’s to be saved. Mama was at operating room because she delivered my brother via caesarian and was suffering from high blood pressure which made their life at stake. Papa did not want to choose, he was constant on telling the doctor to save both. It wasn’t easy, I knew it was hard because his wife and his most awaited son were in danger and he didn’t want to lose any of them. Again, through God’s grace, both were saved.

Today, my brother is no longer a baby—-he is now a big little man. In few months he will turn 14 and I will be forever grateful for his life. Gone are the days when he cried because he’s hungry or his diaper was too wet. Gone are the days when everything needs to be handed to him. For today, he is a grown up young man. Yet, in my heart he will always be my little brother—-the one I love the most, the person who I can tag along when I want to go somewhere, who never fails to make me laugh but makes me mad at times, who loves basketball and has a say on everything. And yes, he shares secrets too like crushes, text mates and even frustrations. Oh.. How time flies so fast.

I pray for his happiness and security. I pray for his wonderful future but most of all I pray that he would seek God’s kingdom more. 

I am blessed for having two siblings, my older sister vhey and my younger brother Jome. The good thing about us is that, we still hang out together, plans get-away and talk things out. Well, I can’t even imagine what life could be without our brother.

And if you don’t know yet, August 3 was the same date when my Papa’s father died but with different year. Sometimes, I couldn’t help but feel that Mama was right when she told me that probably Jome was given to us to make August 3 more remarkable as we reminisce the death of a wonderful father named Rizal, we too celebrate the life of your brother Jome. Amazing!

Alcohol beverages seem to have this invisible sign “TASTE ME” especially for those people who are fond of drinking spirited bottles. Also, alcohol beverages have been a friend to many. They see it as their last resort of strength to cope up with the pain they are going through at the moment. They say that through drinking alcohol they will forget the things that hurt or those things that disappoint them.

…but, will it actually help you solve something?

Since kid, I wonder what’s good about drinking alcohol when in fact, it drives you crazy. It gives you a wild imagination and gives you strength to do several things that you would regret sooner or later. Is that what you call a friend? A traitor—-a friend would not leave you feeling sorry afterwards.

I have tasted some alcohol drinks just to know the feeling and its taste, but I don’t even understand what’s good about it. It doesn’t even taste good. It is bitter and well… yeah… I hate the taste plus the smell. So I don’t understand what is in there that makes the demand of alcohol drinks get higher and higher each year!

Most crimes were made by suspects under the spirit of alcohol, worst under the power of drugs. I just wish that these alcohol beverages will get lost or if not, I wish that people would know the pros and cons and at least limit their self from drinking it. Make sure that you can handle yourself when drinking one, or better just avoid drinking to protect yourself, your health and to give those people around you the peace of mind they deserved. 

“Eve was not taken out of Adam’s head to top him, neither out of his feet to be trampled by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected by him and near his heart to be loved by him.” —-Matthew Henry’s commentary on Genesis.

Matthew Henry’s commentary on Genesis sums up the core responsibility of men to women. Sadly, today several men have forgotten how it is to be a man—-their roles, responsibilities and values.

The world taught us that women are now equal to men, thus men at some point see women as their opponent instead of as their partner. There are some relationships wherein if the woman gets higher income, it turned out to be a big slap on her boyfriend or husband’s face. Where in fact, he should be rejoicing and cheering for her. Isn’t that the guy should be tapping her back while saying, “Good job Honey!” (or whatever terms of endearment you want to address your significant other)  instead of competing with her salary and making a big deal out of it?

Having a higher income does not mean she would be your boss and would top you. Remember ‘Eve is not taken out of Adam’s head to top him…’ so relax. Why worry knowing that among the foundations of a good relationship are love, trust respect and not money. I don’t even remember that money is a prerequisite to enter a relationship.

Moving on, I wonder why there are some battered-wives. Girls are not punching bags for whatever sake boys! In the heat of an argument, a man should take off his hands away from his partner especially when he intends to hurt her. Your hands should wipe girls tears not beat her! And yes, she’s not even your maid to be trampled. Oh wait; even servants should be treated fairly. There are now existing laws about that. Gone are the days when rulers can just hit their servants anytime. So move on, today is 2013! Again, remember, ‘Eve was not taken out of Adam’s feet to be trampled by him…’ so why act that way?

And… this is not written above but it is important to note that Eve (Woman) and Adam (Man) are partners not playmates. They are made to care for each other not to beat one another or play with each other’s hearts. The adage, “There is one woman for every man” is still true and should remain both in our hearts and minds. Stop playing ‘enie-minie-mini-mo’ game among women when you can’t decide which is which or who is who. Do not play with somebody’s heart! Do not even dare to play fire because eventually it can burn you…alive! And feeling sorry afterwards may be… well… usually too late!

Fine, I understand that we, women have a role to play too—- a role that should look after the welfare of our man. Just like the old saying, “It takes two to tango” so it is essential that lovers should complement and guide each other along the way. Because the truth is, ‘Eve was taken out of Adam’s side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected by him and near his heart to be loved by him’. —-Matthew Henry

I have been wondering how it would feel like to have an in-law. Would it feel like as if you have acquired new parents? Or would it feel like as if having new burdens to think about?

There are several types of in-laws. Some in-laws are very supportive and you are lucky if you have one. They will treat you as if you are their long lost son or daughter and you are truly part of the family. They will remain caring and supportive yet will set their own boundaries for you to be able to experience standing on your own as you start your own family.

However, there are also some in-laws who are very hard to be with. I mean, they will keep on nagging you about certain things as if they know everything. They will tell you what you have to do with their son or daughter and will not give you enough space so you can experience the freedom you supposed to experience. Yes, probably they are just concern with their kids but they do not know the proper way of expressing it.

Some in-laws seem not to care at all. They are there but as if they do not exist. They will either nod or shake their head when answering you. They are calm yet you can’t even feel they care. Or perhaps they do care but they happen to express it that way. Either way, I wonder if they really care.

I believe that having in-laws has pros and cons. But you have to keep in mind that when you enter a married life, they will be part of your life as well. I may not have the right to speak in terms on how should a person treat them but the mere fact that they are the parents of the person you married then isn’t just right to treat them fairly?

In any case keep in mind that stating your side is always acceptable. Humans tend to make mistakes and that’s normal. How you handle your emotions will surely make a difference. There will be days when life seems to be unfair for giving you that kind of in-laws but with your wife or husband around, you will still be thankful to them because somebody makes you happy through them. They brought that one person who will take care of you and your heart.

However, my question is… what if your in-laws have rough attitude? How should a person handle them? Is this normal? Can you share your ideas?